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Oil Companies & Plastic...

The BIG and powerful oil companies (Shell etc) are now putting there vast financial resources into building new PLASTIC manufacturing plants (especially in the USA). They are intent on making money (profits) from the billions of gallons of oil they extract from mother earth any way they can.

They know the motoring world is 'going green electic/hydrogen' but still continue producing oil with no consideration for the consequences. Profit (greed) is the car they drive!

The 'Recycling Smokescreen'...

It was indeed the oil companies that originally created and promoted the recycling 'industry' back in the 70's. It was a marketing move on there part with the pretence that 'everything' would be recycled so plastic is 'ok.'

That was back in the 1970's and they are still promoting this 'unworkable and deceiving' notion today (i.e. ridiculous and totally false labeling). The sad part about is that good people are dilligently recycling there waste every day thinking it is solving the problem, IT IS NOT.

The result...

Now the world is deluged in single-use and non-degradable plastics. The oil companies are ramping up plastic production, dumping toxic waste products, continuing to suffocate the planet, killing millions of animals and plants, and it doesn't worry them one bit. They are now promoting plastic use MORE than ever before!

Meaningful choices...It's time to say a BIG 'NO' to plastic!

'Sustainable & Profitable LifeStyles'
...Making Meaningful & Effective Choices!

Eat fresh organic plant based foods. Choose to work from home, be your own boss and not be reliant on any 'corporate slave labour system', pay only your fair share of taxes, retire when 'you' want, live stress free, and be a whole lot healthier!

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