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Where did the GreenPals Cooperative come from?
Short history:

The GreenPals Cooperative concept was originally conceived by us here at MaxLife Global Management  (a 10 year old environmental finance company). The name ‘Alternative Future’ was first used, now recently branded as the GreenPals Cooperative.

The GreenPals Cooperative concept was first presented in May 2020 at the Worthing Climate Emergency Conference, an all day event which included environmental campaigners, noted speakers, activists, and businesses.

The GreenPals Cooperative concept received a very enthusiastic reception with the main area of interest being the ‘circular economy’. At the time people were unfamiliar with ‘Crypto’ and expectedly somewhat skeptic.

Time has passed and we have been proven correct in our forecast, and foresight, regarding the advance of crypto. We also spoke of Bitcoin back in 2015.

The GreenPals Cooperative was born and is now available to everyone.

We are hoping that millions of people join, PROgress to making meaningful lifestyle changes, and PROsper financially through there efforts.

Please evereyone else who is concerned (and passionate) for the future of the environment / climate change / global warming, we fully understand the seriousness of the issues 'but' we do take a 'happy & enthusiastic ' approach in helping solving the problem rather one of 'doom and gloom'.

We strongly feel that people should be compensated for taking action!

Ronnie and the GP COOP Team



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