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Is The 'Writing Is On The Wall’ for the Human Race?

Scientists tell us that we are rapidly approaching the World’s 6th Mass Extinction Event...
So which species are going to be made extinct
this time around? Well pretty much every species
including the entire human race!

We must take immediate steps to halt the 6th Mass Extinction Event that is currently under way.
Species are now becoming extinct at
 an alarming rate, with the human race heading in the same direction.

It is now being widely reported in the international media that the extinction of thousands of species including humans will take place in the very near future. Scientists (especially Professor Bruce Lipton), already know this and having been warning us for many years.

The mandatory 9 Hour Work Week

This very important subject has recently been highlighted in a leading British newspaper dated May 2019. It talks about the 1,800-page study carried out by the United Nations leading research body on nature (a collection of the world's top scientists).

This makes the GREENPALS COOPERATIVE and working from home not only a very sensible way to earn an income but has now become the chosen ‘alternative’ in helping us tackle climate change and ultimately 'Save Our Planet'. When earning a HIGH income the opportunity to transform your lifestyle and purpose in life is now a realistic option.

The Great Resignation…here’s Why!

GREENPALS COOP & Newton's 3rd Law Of Motion: 
"For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction"

> If you earn a High Income then you can more easily afford to pursue a 'Green eco-friendly' LifeStyle. 
> This enables you to purchase a new 'energy efficient' house or renovate your existing house. 
> This enables you to purchase or invest in 'Natural and Sustainable energies'
   (Solar, wind, sea/water, insulation)

> This enables you to purchase electric or hydrogen powered vehicles (if you must),
> This enables you to use public transport more often (such as trains, trams, underground, if you must).
> This enables you to purchase an e-bicycle (or better still...walk more often)  
> This enables you to work from home (or anywhere you wish)
> This enables you to work a 9 hour week (recommended by United Nations)
> This enables you to ultimately become an 'unemployed' sustainability millionaire and proactive
   in the 
GREENPALS partner programs.

> This enables you to purchase carbon credits which goes towards eliminating your carbon footprint
   (personal and business).
Is It Time For You To Make A Change?

To make a BIG IMPACT on climate change we need 'everyone' to follow Newton's 3rd Law.
That is...'take action', and invite others to 'take action' (You,
your family, your friends, your work colleagues, your club mates, etc) with global involvement being the ultimate goal!

We invite you to take action right takes just a few minutes to register.


GreenPals Cooperative