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Recycling Instead Of Buying New.
The Time has Come For Green Crypto to Play a Major Role
In The Financing of Green Projects On A Global Scale.

 Table Of Contents


Chapter 1:

Going Green Basics

Chapter 2:

Gifting Unused Items

Chapter 3:

Find Unique Applications For Unused Clothing

Chapter 4:

Unique Ways To Reuse Paper And Glass You Would Otherwise Throw Out

 Chapter 5:

Research Trash Into Treasure Websites

Chapter 6:

The Importance Of Recycling And Saving Money

Chapter 7:

Creating Wealth With Green Crypto

Wrapping Up:


The Time has Come For Green Crypto to Play a Major Role In The Financing of Green Projects On A Global Scale.

With the ability for individuals to create their own wealth through Green Crypto the barrier of Going Green ‘Affordability’ can now be removed.

The GreenPals Cooperative is launching its own Green Crypto, the GreenPals Coop (GPC) token on January 7th 2021.

Regular airdrops will also be available to GP COOP members.

It will be available using the Waves ‘decentralized’ exchange (complete anonymity & 24 hour access), or using MLGM’s ‘Centralized’ in-house service option for those not wanting to use an exchange. Full details and support on the GP COOP website

This now gives the opportunity for everyone to participate in the amazing wealth creation capabilities of the crypto world.

Re-using Throw-outs

There are a lot of innovative ways to reuse paper and glass that can also be artistic or practical and here are just some recommendations that can be adopted with proven percentages of success.

The most obvious would be the revenue one can earn from selling the used paper or glass to recycle centers. These can be in its “raw” but clean form as this fetches a good price as compared to soiled materials which may not be saleable at all.

There is a very keen and growing interest in using used paper and glass to create artistic creations which are then displayed or sold for a very handsome price. Famous individual make a very good living through this use of recycled material.
During festive seasons, colorful magazine papers can be recycled and used to wrap gifts instead of spending money creating a market for newly manufactured wrapping papers.
Reusing paper and glass items is also encouraged. For paper, one could reuse the other side of the printed sheet as a message pad as the blanks spaces on the reverse side makes an ideal massage pad. For glass suing them for vases or as decorative items is a wonderful ways of displaying personal creativity as opposed to buying a new piece of the shelf.

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